VMware : VM stuck at 95% after reset / Shutdown / reboot.

Once in a while the VMware Administrator may see this problem. A VM stuck at 95% while doing any operation like reset/ reboot / shutdown/ poweroff / snapshot creation etc.. Although this solution is not applicable for snapshot things, it can be utilized for the VM which stuck while carrying out other tasks.


First try to stop the VM using soft stop method.

vmware-cmd <VMX file path> stop

If it doesn’t work,  then force it

vmware-cmd <VMX file path> stop hard

Even then if it doesn’t work, then


ps -ef –cols 400  | grep -i <VM NAME>

This will return the PID of VM.
Kill the VM using kill -9 <VM’s PID>

If  above command dosn’t work, then it’s time to restart the HOST !.

Good Luck. and dont blame me if you loose any data while executing above commands !


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