How to – Paying on ebay USA from India.

Most of the DIYers find many spares / components not available in India. Although they may find some manufacturers and wholesalers, either the prices are too high for a prototype or they are asked to purchase in bulk. provides a means to purchase things in reasonable prices from overseas vendors, obviously with more waiting time. There needs to be some thorough thinking before one goes for purchase (check this article).

For a common DIYer or a student searching for spares for project, it is extremely difficult to buy things on on their own. As it requires a credit card and shipping address associated with the credit card.

There is a concept of virtual credit card system, which enables the account holder to create a temporary credit card with fixed amount credited and use it online. While it works with some sites that are quick in verification, it doesn’t work with sites that are slow in verification or store the credit card number for future transaction. Also the refund system doesn’t work with these credit cards, as the card expires even before the buyer asks for a refund. Another option is paypal, but it requires one to register the bank account and a permanent credit card to be linked with it.

However, there is a way indian buyers can use the paypal.. by using the ICICI debit card.. As per my experience, we can link out ICICI debit cards with paypal, since paypal accepts it. My other debit cards from three other banks were rejected.


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