How to get rid of Cockroaches

Recently my home was infested with German cockroaches. Hundreds of cockroaches from 2 to 15 mm in size were seen roaming around in the kitchen freely @ night. I never saw that types before and searched on the internet to check their type, and found out that those were German cockroaches.  Although not frightening as that of big Indian cockroach, we were feeling very insecure and used to wash the utensils again before their use.

We had very clean kitchen and also ensured that they find no food, without any success. We tried everything from Anti roach spray to the baking powder formula, everything went into vain. Coincidently we planned the renovation of house at the same time and hoped that this activity will eliminate them. There was no food prepared in the house for almost a month and still they survived.

While searching on internet, I came across some anti-cockroach recipes that use boric powder, but I never tried that considering its toxicity (I have 2yr old daughter). Finally I decided to try it and the results were awesome!. Within 1 and ½ week our house got rid of cockroaches completely !.

Here is how I made it …

  • ½ cup of rice flour.
  • 1 cup of boric powder.
  • ¾ Cup of finely smashed onion or onion chutney, whatever you call it.
  • 1 tsp of milk.
  • Some water.

Mixed it well and filled it in a cone, made of plastic sheet. Cut the sharp end of cone and press the other end of the cone so that the mixture will come out like toothpaste.

Then I applied it on every corner of the kitchen, every hinge of the cupboard and near the wash basin. I also filled up the small holes in the tiles joints with this mixture.

After a week or so, seeing that the roach population is decreasing, I made small balls by making a hard dough (eliminate milk and water) and placed them under cupboards, fridge and stick them under the water purifier.

More and more cockroaches were found dead after this and it took 9 days to eliminate all of them (I guess).


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