Fed up with GFWL Login issue…

There is this magnificent game called “Age of Empires” which i used to play for hours with my friends almost since last 10 years or so. While the initial editions upto AOE2 were superb, AOE3 was a great disappointment for me.

Last week i was delighted after seeing it’s Online version available for play at  “Microsoft games for windows live”. HOWEVER, as it is always there with MS, i am unable to login due to some invisible error…. I say invisible becase it doesn’t  create any event or logs. Even though i enter the email and the password correct it always says that the login information in invalid. And not to my surprise there are thousands of gamers suffering due to this problem.

After uninstalling and re-installing all the involved softwares, creating extra live accounts, altering settings of my DSL router there is no avail. Then i checked on other laptop i have and it works !

This is how a company which created most intuitive and user friendly OS, made the lives of it’s users miserable… :(



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