Build Log – DIY CAR PC / Car entertainment system – Design

Hello everybody,  This is my second build log and its about a home built CAR PC / Entertainment system for My Toyota Etios Liva..

Almost 11 months have passed since i bought this car and it still doesn’t have any music system attached only because i want to built one myself. I give preference to Android as a CAR PC OS because of the availability of many useful apps related to GPS, Music, OBD II (CAR Doctor), games and provision of developer tools so that anybody in this world can compile his / her own Android build with sufficient amount of knowledge. What it lacks is the ability to work as Bluetooth audio receiver.

Out of number of Android compatible ARM processor motherboards, i have decided to use the Cubieboard (Click here to see a separate article about what Cubieboard has). While Cuebieboard costs less than other boards (around 49$ + Customs duty + Shipping), It also provides number of GPIO to connect to I2C , LCD modules and screens accepting VGA and AV signals. The only catch here is one need to compile his/her own driver modules for different modules being connected to Cubieboard’s USB, SPI, LCD and I2C Buses.

Following is a HIgh level diagram of how the electronics will be arranged.

CAR PC / Car Entertainment System

CAR PC / Car Entertainment System Design


Over the next few days, i will be posting various articles about OS/Driver customization and compilation, Schematics and PCB details, Enclosure of this system and installation details which will be followed by Youtube video showing this car pc in operation.



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