5 best Online Drawing, Diagramming and flowchart tools.

Whether it is Business or marketing presentations, Technical documentation or a project report in university, Flow charts and technical diagrams are integral part of our work activities. Although there are number of commercial and open source tools available for this, online tools are always preferred for quick diagram creation and sharing. I searched through the internet and found some websites which offer online Drawing services. Following are the best of them.

Gliffy Online

This is by far most intuitive and comprehensive tool for drawings. It provides various images / templates for drawing various technical diagrams, flowcharts and even floor plans.

Although you can start drawing on the fly, you will need to register for saving or exporting the drawing to image format. With free account you can create upto 5 diagrams with max size of 2MB in total.

You can share the diagrams with others right from the tool itself with its collaborate feature.

Gliffy - Online Drawing tool

Gliffy – Online Drawing tool


Lucidchart too have a comprehensive list of icons and images like gliffy, except its free signup provides more space i.e. 25MB. Its free edition allows up-to 60 objects in one document and access to its vast library.

This too has a collaboration feature for easy sharing. However you will have to register for any document saving, sharing or printing activity.

lucidchart - Online Drawing tool

lucidchart – Online Drawing tool


Creately offers more features for free account (Public). With it you can create upto 5 public diagrams and collaboration limit is 3. You will have to register for any kind of saving and sharing activity.

It seems to be having lesser number of icons and templates though (compared to Gliffy and Lucidchart).


Creately - Online Drawing tool

Creately – Online Drawing tool

Jgraph online

Jgraph offers this service for free. In fact the diagram in my CAR PC article was created on this site. Best of all, It has almost everything to make technical charts (especially IT related) and you can integrate it with your google drive too. Look for top right corner for it.

It does not need a registration for save and export feature.

Draw.io Online Drawing tool

Draw.io Online Drawing tool


I will not say this is the best one, but it may prove useful if you need a offline version for simple diagrams. Diagramo is a free and Open source software. It is based on HTML5. There is a downloadable version available on their homepage.

The Library in this tool seems to be having few icons and templates compared to all others.

Diagramo Online Drawing tool

Diagramo Online Drawing tool


My Verdict

It solely depends on what are your needs when it comes to drawing diagrams. However, JGraph is my recommendation if you want a quick drawing or flowchart with number of icons to choose without hassle of registration and facility to save it in google drive.



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